CET Exposition 2016: Inspiring great minds to higher level
March 16, 2016

In partnership with Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other government and private agencies, the College of Engineering and Technology (CET) of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) showcased prototypes and enterprises models made by engineering students on February 19 at CET Grounds, WMSU.

With the theme “An Engineering Collaboration of Ingenuity and Innovation for Global Competitiveness”, the majority of college departments, spearheaded by Industrial Engineering (IE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) departments convened as students displayed different engineering ideas during the CET Exposition 2016. A total of eight business models was presented by IE department and 17 working prototypes were displayed by ME department.

To give a more detailed overview on the said exposition, CET dean Dr. Roberto M. Sala together with IE adviser Engr. Aylene R. Ingkoh and ME adviser Engr. Rudito Jose Electron Y. Tabacug discussed the visions and future plans of the college.

The Beginning
According to Ingkoh, the DTI acknowledged the possibility of taking “another leap in showcasing students’ outputs” which brought the department the idea of exhibiting their students’ feasibility studies.
IE started on year 2011 while this year’s exposition was ME’s second year.

Way back year 2012 when electricity shortage became one of the biggest concerns in the city, the ME department challenged their students to base their studies on the current issue. When Dr. Sala was then the department’s head, they decided to shift the usual feasibility study into a more challenging yet effective application through prototypes on that same year. The first prototyped was exhibited on 2012 and the second was on the most recently concluded exposition.

“While they are learning on theory, they are also learning in actual,” Sala shared on the advantage of the shift for ME students’ studies.

The Goals
“Showcase to the public what engineering students are doing and definitely for the CET to take the initiative in showcasing student outputs,” Ingkoh answered.

Aside from the required research outputs demanded by the University and DOST, the CET envisioned a greater success not just in exposing the students’ capabilities in engineering, but also in hopes of being recognized through these bright concepts and to become an ideal source for investments.

“Two years from now, the industry will take notice or the community and stakeholders to come to us here in the University if they have a problem regarding on business or engaging to certain equipment,” Tabacug said.
IE department aims to excel in feasibility study and marketing while the ME department will produce technical research output. CET would also like to inspire other universities and colleges in doing the same event to heighten the students’ learning especially in the field of engineering.

The Agencies
Evaluators from DOST , DTI, CHED, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Office of the City Mayor, Trade and Investment Promotions Office and other agencies were present during the event. Accordingly, these people will not only assess the displayed models for a better output, but the annual exposition is also a great way of advertising the projects in the industry to them.

“We want to let the public know what we are doing here in WMSU,” Sala said.

The Prototypes, Feasibility studies and Models
These studies and working prototypes will be sold in industries. It can be an income generating project that will benefit the college. Sala took the ice business as an example, targeting canteen vendors as the main consumers for their selling.

“We’re going to sector financial assistance for this research from other government agencies such as DOST, CHED (Commission on Higher Education) and other financing agencies,” Ingkoh shared. “We can use the prototypes of ME to make it as a business. We will develop an enterprise that may be feasible to operate using his prototypes.”

The prototypes are said to be patented. The departments are working on the reports that will be submitted to the Office of the President and Intellectual Property Office.

The Assurance
The threat on having the engineering students’ works be copied is inevitable. However, the CET assured that there is confidentiality as well as a signed agreement to keep the students’ hard work secured from any attempt of misled intentions.

“We don’t expose everything,” Sala guaranteed emphasizing the secrecy on prototypes.

On IE’s case, Ingkoh said that the existence of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will warrant the students that their feasibility study will only be used by the subjects addressed to.
“Once nag-take off yung project, the department will be involved,” Ingkoh explained.

As for Computer Science and Computer Engineering departments, Tabacug said that the programs produced by these departments are copyrighted.

The University
“The University will not only be known locally but also internationally,” Sala said emphasizing the recognition of
the university. “We are bringing the name of the school.”

Moreover, the products and studies are said to spread outside the school. Stakeholders will come and invest,
bringing funds for the school especially CET.

“We sell our research to you. You give us fund for our equipment,” Tabacug shared the arrangement between
prototypes produced and interested agencies.

In fact, DOST have donated 5.1 million pesos for equipment and on April 4, these newly purchased equipment will
be inaugurated. CET envisioned on putting up an Engineering Fabrication and Innovation Center (EFIC) one to two
years from now. Another 1.8M was initially provided for the estimated 8M cost project.

WMSU is said to be the first university to take the initiative in exhibiting prototypes. This event will also help on the accreditation of the institution.
“I see everything as a win-win situation,” Tabacug finished.

The Wish
However, CET wished to be provided with budget for the exposition. Next year, they planned on organizing a
bigger exposition for two days. Prizes for winners, incentives and materials are just few things money can provide.
Sala also requested budget for laboratory structures. Since DOST donated equipment, the university can contribute
buildings to house these equipment.
“Help us expedite the process of giving us the facility,” Ingkoh also appealed on the slow process of their request
amidst the complete papers.

In addition, Tabacug called for a Special Order providing the advisers like him extra hours to attend the needs of
the students in completing the projects. The students are diverse in terms of gender, attitude, and other factors
that could affect the success of their studies.

The Bottom Line
CET targets to be a member of Washington Accord for Engineering. They also plan to apply for Center of Excellence
(COE) and Center of Development (COD). With these dreams to realize, CET continuously motivates and guides the
students to give their best shots for the projects.

“I’ll just show [them] the date of the graduation,” Tabacug joked when asked on how they prompt their students
to create innovative ideas.

But on more serious tone, with all being said, the exposition is only one of many factors to achieve the goals set by CET. The greatest benefit will mainly go to the students who are the keys to unlock a better future by providing a more competitive ground for learning. The quality education WMSU offers will be the armor of these great minds
to combat towards greater heights of success especially in their fields of expertise.