‘Latus’ Kids Speak Out In Anti-Corporal Punishment Forum
September 18, 2011
Dr. Marcelina Carpizo (rightmost) clarifies a point during the forum.

Dr. Marcelina Carpizo (rightmost) clarifies a point during the forum.

The true-to-life anti-corporal punishment advocacy film ‘Latus’ was shown on September 16 at the College of Education audio-visual room, Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) campus, this city.

At least 80 high school students from the WMSU – Integrated Laboratory School and some third year graduate students of the College of Social Work and Community Development. They were welcomed by Dr. Marcelina Carpizo, Director, WMSU – Center for Peace and Development.

The activity was spearheaded by the WMSU Center for Peace and Development and the Katilingban Para sa Kalambuan, Inc. which are staunch advocates of children’s rights.

According to Dr. Carpizo, the activity was meant to raise the young students’ awareness as to their basic rights and how to protect these rights. The film viewing and sharing of child rights advocates from Davao City and Zamboanga City, opened the eyes of the participants to the horrors of corporal punishment, Dr. Carpizo observed. It showed the effects on the victims – psychological and emotional trauma which could be more painful and paralyzing than the physical pain, Dr. Carpizo said.

The whole affair was facilitated by children who are advocates for children’s rights. Arlene Jimenez of Zamboanga City facilitated the open forum. Jessica Estallo from Davao City presented the event’s rationale and the overview of the film. Jul Adzfar Haliddin, also from this city, gave the closing remarks.

In an animated interaction, students posed probing queries to the event’s child guests who were ready and willing to answer these.

The film made the issue of corporal punishment more real, and the need for action against it, most urgent. (Ms. Evelyn C. LuceƱo, PAO-WMSU)