WMSU gets property right over fiberboard utility model
December 13, 2013
Stiffness (Modulus of Elasticity) and Strength (Modulus of Rupture) Test

Stiffness (Modulus of Elasticity) and Strength (Modulus of Rupture) Test

The Intellectual Property Rights Philippines – Bureau of Patents has issued on June 14, 2013 Utility Model registration number 2-2012000358 signed by Mr. Epifanio M. Evasco, Director of Patents, to the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) for the technology titled “Medium Density Chicken Feather Fiberboard Overlaid with Mangium Veneers”.
The registration grants unto WMSU the exclusive right throughout the Philippines to manufacture, use, sell or import the utility model within a period of seven years.

Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho, WMSU President, hailed the study’s proponent Mrs. Hideliza B. Rabajante-Saipudin, faculty member of the College of Forestry and Environmental Studies, for her ingenuity. Dr. Menardo N. Acda of University of the Philippines-Los Baños was the proponent’s adviser.

Chicken Feather Fiberboard samples

Chicken Feather Fiberboard samples

The research presented by Saipudin during the Regional Symposium of Research and Development Highlights conducted by WESMARRDEC in Zamboanga City was given the Best Paper Award – Research Category and First Place – Poster Category.
According to Saipudin, the fiberboard is manufactured using chicken feather fiber, synthetic resin and Acacia mangium veneer overlay, making the composition comparable, if not better, than commercial boards.
Saipudin explained that waste chicken feathers are suitable as source of natural fibers for the production of the fiberboard since these are light, very resistant to deterioration, have excellent insulating properties and are termite resistant. Hence, chicken feathers are good substitute for wood pulp, she pointed out. The fabricated chicken feather fiberboards are overlaid with Acacia mangium veneers using synthetic adhesive to improve their mechanical properties, Saipudin explained further.

Some of the practical uses of the medium density chicken feather fiberboard are: furniture applications, interior furnishings, paneling, insulation, ceilings and other minor uses.

Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a non-structural panel consisting of wood fibers bound by adhesive and consolidated under heat and pressure. Wood is the most common natural fiber used to manufacture fiberboard. With the diminishing wood resources due to forest destruction, the use of chicken feather fibers for the manufacture of MDF offers an excellent alternative. Moreover, the utilization of chicken feather fibers in the fabrication of MDF will greatly diminish the volume of chicken feather wastes in our landfills. (Evelyn Luceño, WMSU – OP)